Kansas City Living Lab

An innovative Public-Private partnership to develop the Internet of Things and Smart Connected Cities

Proud Partners

The Living Lab

The premise of the Kansas City Living Lab is simple. Where a “problem or challenge” exists (or one is anticipated in the future), the lab will seek out the best emerging technology solutions that can be fine-tuned, tested and ultimately validated prior to full scale commercial deployment.

These emerging technologies will come from all over the world. Likely sources will include incubators, accelerators, technology transfer programs and existing companies of all sizes. Additionally, we anticipate identifying promising technologies through citizen groups, coworking spaces, educational institutions (traditional and non-traditional), industry cluster initiatives and more.

Technology commercialization can be costly, labor intensive and slow. Building high value “industrial” internet of things applications that can modernize city infrastructure, lower operational and maintenance costs while increasing efficiency has never been more important. The Living Lab is designed to speed up this technology commercialization process, lower costs and create perfect product-market fit for all stakeholders.

By 2050, 70% of the world’s population will be living in cities.

This unprecedented growth creates complex challenges for government, citizens and the infrastructure that supports modern daily life.

Kansas City is 319 square miles, with over 93,000 streetlights.

Smart streetlights are a platform for low latency wireless sensor networks, while providing Wi-Fi access to citizens and public servants.

By 2022, $14.4 trillion in economic activity could develop.

By combining public and private data, cities can carve actionable insights that generate value — for the city government, or directly for citizens.

Streetlights of the Future

The opportunity to reduce streetlight operating and maintenance costs, while saving precious energy is now a reality. Using Sensity’s NetSense lighting solution, advanced lighting controls can provide differentiated lighting that reduces crime while saving energy through presence based dimming. Self-monitoring light fixtures send fault alerts to centralized control systems that can even detect copper theft and prevent costly unscheduled maintenance.

Sensity & Cisco Partnership

Sensity and Cisco have formed a strategic partnership to create the foundation for many innovations to come. And for Kansas City, that means over $4 million dollars in annual energy and maintenance cost savings based on lighting alone.

Citizen Engagement

Through interactive digital kiosks by CityPost, along with its suite of mobile applications, a new golden age of information consumption will begin. Tomorrow’s citizen will be smarter, better informed and more engaged. Through the city’s public Wi-Fi home page and the beacon network, CityPost broadcasts real-time, location-based information and alerts to smartphone users while providing interactive digital tools for citizens, visitors and business owners to visualize and explore important, timely and relevant information about Kansas City.

Get Involved

We are looking for innovators – people and companies who want to join us in this mission to develop new applications that can help solve world problems associated with fast growing cities and the needs of its urban citizens around the globe. If you want to build technology that can be tested in Kansas City’s Living Lab, have a new idea for an application or are a growing city looking for a solution to your unique problem, we invite you to get involved.