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The Kansas City Smart City Living Lab is a smart city development lab, managed by Think Big Partners, building on the Kansas City Smart City Initiative. A unique public-private partnership that is designed to accelerate civic and industrial internet of things (IoT) innovation.

The Living Lab creates a framework that facilitates meaningful dialogues between innovators and city officials that takes some of the guesswork out of building problem-focused smart city IoT solutions.

Our offering is rapidly expanding and leverages our corporate, academic and governmental partners’ capabilities to create trusted partnerships that accelerate smart city technology innovation.

We are principally focused in areas that pose the greatest challenges (and most opportunities) for cities to create new solutions to modernize infrastructure, save money, increase efficiency or create new revenue streams that are vital to provide a better citizen experience using internet of things smart city technology.

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  • Data Streams and Applications

  • Transportation and Mobility

  • Smart Water

  • Smart Grid

  • Public Safety

  • Smart Buildings

  • Smart Infrastructure

Connected Assets and Data

Next Generation Digital Infrastructure


Smarter Mobility has the power to transform not only how we move through our city but also how it looks. With innovations in mobility we can make our cities safer, improve traffic, reduce emissions and energy use, and even extend new ladders of opportunity to under-served portions of our community.

Current Mobility Assets provide:

  • Objects (people, bikes, vehicles)
  • Entering and exiting regions or crossing boundaries
  • Wifi counts
  • Dwell times
  • Loyalty (repeat devices vs new devices)

Smart Parking

Smart Parking can enhance citizen experience by providing means of identifying and reserving parking spaces more efficiently, better managing demand, and even rethinking land use.

Current Smart Parking Assets provide:

  • Demarcated and un-demarcated spots are available
  • Parking spot type (no parking, handicap, metered, etc)
  • Occupancy
  • Violations and the ability to control parking policies
  • Reservation mechanism

Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting is the “backbone of smart cities”, however, is often one of the most overlooked high valuable, leverage-able assets. The cost savings and security enhancement of networked lighting are undeniable and the physical structure provides secure access points that can power other solutions while creating revenue opportunities.

Current Smart Lighting Assets provide:

  • Is light on/off
  • Ability to turn lights on/off
  • Brightness
  • Ability to Set Brightness
  • Energy usage
  • Strobe a light

Environmental Sensors

From planning your evening out, city leaders issuing municipal health alert decisions or factories adjusting their pollution control systems, environmental sensors can help inform a wide variety of triggers and decisions.

Current Mobility Assets provide:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • AQI
  • Raw pollutant levels
  • Ambient noise
  • Barometric pressure
  • And more.

Smart Waste

This is more than just emptying trash bins; it’s about health, economic implications and sustainability implications as well. Keep your city clean by developing new means and methods of collecting trash and recycling.

Current Smart Lighting Assets provide:

  • Waste container type
  • Waste level
  • Last time it was emptied


Providing information and insights to engage citizens is a key goal of KC’s Smart City Project. All of the existing smart city assets send either status updates, notifications, or state changes, that can be incorporated into your app.

Current Notifications provide:

  • Send notifications (CDP to CDP messaging)
  • Policy notifications (like a parking violation occurred)
  • Generate a text, email or web services call from CDP

 Apply Now

The Smart City Living Lab Access Program (SCLLAP) gives approved users access to a wide range of tools, resources and benefits designed to help you build smart city applications, hardware, software and more.

Complete the access program application below. Upon approval, you will be granted access to the following resources.

  • Sandbox access to Cisco’s Community Developer Portal (CDP) and Smart City Dashboards
  • Access to KCLLAP’s CDP Developer Groups to interact with peers in your sector who are building applications inside CDP using our co-creation facilitation model
  • Participation in quarterly hosted conference calls / webinars with industry leaders in your sector to discuss emerging trends, evolving insights and more to help you build faster and smarter solutions
  • Access to online tools and exclusive KCLLAP smart city development resources
  • Eligibility to attend exclusive KCLLAP innovation workshops
  • Eligibility to submit KCLLAP blog content to promote your ideas, develop thought leadership and create new relationships
  • Eligibiligy to participate in potential pilot projects (subject to approval and availability)
  • Access to free workspace during monthly 2-day KCLLAP co-creation sprints. Workspace based on availability in your geographic region and subject to maximum number of participants on first come first served reservation basis.
  • Complimentary or discount passes to KCLLAP partner conferences
  • Speaking opportunities at KCLLAP network events
  • Receive benefits from strategic partners and sponsors (Microsoft Azure hosting credits, etc.)

To gain access to the Kansas City Smart City Living Lab Developer Sandbox environment let us know how you plan utilize the platform.

To gain access to the Kansas City Smart City Living Lab Developer Sandbox environment let us know how you plan utilize the platform.